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Learn CodeIgniter from Scratch by Building a Project (Introduction)

I am starting this series for learning CodeIgniter because I found my self very struggling when starting with CodeIgniter. Main issues that I faced were :

  • Integrating an html template into CodeIgniter Project.
  • Handling Sessions
  • Uploading Images
  • Sending Emails
  • And of course our old friend CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete)

So, I decided to make a short course, so it will not be lengthy (to loose interest) but will address all the aforesaid issues.


The project is very simple, it will be a website lets called it photo showcase. The site will consists of 3 main areas,

  1. Admin Area
  2. User Area
  3. Website to Showcase Images

The idea is very simple, the user will register / login to the website, upload images and those images will be shown on the website after approval from the admin, and every time a picture is approved to show in the website, the user will be notified by email that the image has been approved with the link to that particular image page.

It is as simple as that


I want to make this course as simple as possible, the only things you are required is :

  • You have your php environment setup.
  • You have your favorite text editor ready
  • A working internet connection (Though its not necessary but we need to download the themes)
  • Willing to work hard

Links to All Parts

I will update the links (add new) as we progress through the series.

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Iftikhar is a full stack developer with a passion of data mining, bot making and ethical hacking. He is working as a project manager at mazoon software company located in oman.

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